Joe Gallacher Australian Guitar Maker

Photo: Jacob McGuffie playing a Rosewood dreadnaught

Acoustic guitars, classical guitars, mandolins, irish bouzoukis & parlor guitars

The guitars Joe Gallacher builds are definitely influenced by some really nice old guitars he has played over the years but has a few of his own designs which he is very happy with. Joe tends to go for less than more in ornamentation and enjoys the look of the wood on the bindings. He tends not to use plastic in the bindings, nut, saddle or glue.


The starting price of a standard dreadnaught is AU$4,200. This includes a hard case.

Joe is happy to talk about alternate design ideas or alterations the customer may have in mind.

Australia has a wealth of fantastic looking and sounding timbers which Joe has been enjoying using over many years - Australian Blackwood in particular (acacia melanoxylon) very close relative to Koa (acacia koa). He also uses Mahogany and Rosewood, mainly for backs and sides, European, Adirondack and Sitka Spruce, mostly for tops with occasional Mahogany, Blackwood and Cedar. These are the combinations of timbers that tend to work for him, giving the volume, balance and lovely colour of tone that Joe thinks about when he hears a good guitar.

Although guitar design and construction methods are constantly being improved it is still down to the hands, the chisels, the feel and the quality of the timber. This is where the art of the guitar maker comes in to his own and one should hear and feel the difference in a hand made guitar.